Introducing our new Logo


The evolution of the Tech21 brand continues as we lead the way in providing ground breaking impact protective solutions for your mobile devices. We endeavour to communicate the Tech21 brand clearly which is why we have carefully redesigned and refreshed our company logo to represent the innovation and development of our company, and what we’re all about.

What does our new logo represent?

The new Tech21 logo features a graphic which helps to reinforce our values. As part of our logo refresh we have been inspired by movement and transition of force.


Where did Impactology™ go?

You may have noticed that Impactology™ has been removed from our new logo. Impactology™ still remains at the heart of our brand, as our promise to you that we’ll always provide the most intelligent impact protection.

We have separated Impactology™ and Tech21 in our new logo so as to highlight the difference between the two. Impactology™ is a promise and process about how we create our ingenious products for your mobile devices, and will continue as part of our story, explaining what we do, whereas “Tech21” is who we are.