How to Apply your Impact Shield Anti-Glare using our Applicator

Impact Shield Application- using an iPhone 6

Apply your new Impact Shield Anti-Glare using our brand new screen protector applicator for an easy, accurate application.

To begin with, use the cloth provided to clean the screen of your device thoroughly. This ensures that all dust and oil is removed and prevents air bubbles from forming beneath your Impact Shield.

Next, fit the applicator to your device, and carefully align the Impact Shield with the applicator, as illustrated above. Carefully apply some gentle pressure to the center of the screen protector as it lays down on to the screen. Remove the applicator from your device and use the squeegee provided to remove any excess bubbles.

Lastly, pull “Tab 2”, the final layer, to reveal the surface of your Impact Shield Anti-Glare which diffuses and scatters incoming light.

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