Huawei P10- Getting the Most Out of Your Smartphone Camera

Image via Pocketlint 

With the launch of the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus came the smartphones' Leica Dual Camera 2.0 arrangement, giving the devices an amazing camera. Leica, the world-renowned German camera maker, has teamed up with Huawei to give the devices the best in smartphone cameras.

But what makes the Leica Dual Camera different than the camera of other smartphones; the ability to shoot in color, black or white, or use both lenses to take professional looking shots with perfectly blurred backgrounds.

Here is a list of the top tips to get the most out of your P10 camera.

1.Quick Launch

The p10 and P10 Plus offer quick launch features, without the need to even unlock your phone. A simple swipe up from the corner of your device will the immediately launch the camera, saving you time to get that perfect shot! Hit the virtual shutter and boom.

2. Point-and-shoot, Focus and Exposure

The great thing about this camera, is that you can simply open the Camera and shoot, without having to worry about any additional controls. If you want to perfect your shooting then you can use some focus and exposure adjustments. Tapping on the screen will position a circle to focus on your subject, whether it is close up or far away. Then, a sun icon will appear next the circle for you to press, hold and drag this symbol on a slider up or down to brighten or darken the exposure as you like.

3. Black &White or Color Feature

Leica is the only camera company in the world that releases some cameras with true monochrome sensors. This means three times as much light can reach the sensor as there's no division between red, green and blue required to make digital color. More light means better, clearer pictures.

Both the P10 and P10 Plus feature a monochrome sensor in addition to the color sensor. This gives a scene distinction and extra clarity straight from the camera. To activate monochrome in the camera, swipe from left of the screen in the camera app to open the Modes menu and tap Monochrome next to the photo.

4. Wide Aperture

The P10 the lenses are both f/2.2, while the P10 Plus is slightly better at f/1.8. The Wide Aperature feature on the camera uses both sensors to depth-map the scene and can offset that data to create a slightly blurred background or a more focused one. This offers a software created aperture from f/0.95 down to f/16. The Wide Aperture setting can even be used for real time video streaming!

5. Take the Best Portraits

Portrait mode will tell the camera to look for faces using an intelligent 3D mapping system. This mode auto-applies the software-based wide aperture as it sees fit based on the shot, and adjusts color and exposure on the subject.

6. String Selfie Game

The P10 and P10 Plus are the first devices from Huawei to have a front facing camera, making selfies optimal. By default the Portrait mode will be activated when opening the camera, along with a 1-10 sliding scale to soften out blemishes, while an Artistic mode toggle on/off button will allow for blurring and exposure adjustment effects to be activated. It's an elegant and easy-to-use solution to up your selfie game.

7. Highlight Videos

Once you've got all your shots in the Gallery the P10 and P10 Plus will automatically store your shots under the Discover tab. Here you'll see location-based galleries which, once clicked into, present automated video highlight reels, as auto-produced by the integrated Quik app. You can watch, edit, share or delete these highlight videos for all to see!

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