How to survive at a festival- our top 5 essentials

Festival season is upon us, and we are r-r-ready. Outside of the world of 'glamping' (glamorous camping) and being 'on-trend', we give you the run-down of how to survive a festival this summer...

  1. Dry shampoo
    This is a revelation for all festival go-ers, both boys and girls! Not all campers go VIP with showers at the ready, therefore washing can be limited. With dry shampoo you can freshen up without the luxury of a shower. The convenience is invaluable and it's also healthy to give your hair a break from being washed. Winning!
  2. Wet wipes
    Another essential item! Wet wipes can be used for so many things from spillages to sticky situations to washing your face... There is no end to the uses, and they are super handy.
  3. Phone case
    What is your most valuable item to you? Your smart phone, of course! At a festival it's your walkie talkie, your messaging tool, your camera, your watch, and so much more... So, it's important you protect this necessity. This is where an impact protection, premium phone case enters. You can drop it time and time again, and low and behold, it will be ok. Tech21 Impact Clear Lace Edition for iPhone 7 Plus 
  4. Poncho
    Even though it's summer, in a time when the weather man can't even predict the weather you can never be too prepared. A poncho should be one of the first things packed as there's nothing worse than having wet clothes when camping.
  5. Your dancing shoes
    Last but not least, never ever go to a festival if you do not have your dancing shoes. If you are not comfy when shaking your stuff then you are a fool! Make sure you are as comfy as possible, so you can let let loose and be free.