How to Stay Active this Summer with Verizon

There is no better time than Summer to get active in the heat, outdoors in nature and back into your fitness regime that makes you feel like your prettiest, best self!

We realize scorching Summer sun and various vacation dates can throw off your fitness schedule, that's why we are here to help you get back on track! This month, we parntered with 7 of the hottest fitness bloggers to show us how they stay fit in the Summer, especially with the Active Range from Verizon.

Weston Boucher Fit

Fitness and fashion influencer, Weston Boucher, always makes time for exercising where he lives in San Diego whether it's beach volleyball or lifting at the gym. And he never gives up style when working out, that's why he loves the Active Edition; protection and style all in one. 

The Evo Check Active Edition offers 10 foot drop protection for your iPhone, and makes for the perfect athleisure accessory. The speckled pattern on the case is style matched to the latest trends in sports fashion.



Brickellista is a fitness guru and fashionista! In Miami where she resides, she makes sure to get in a few sessions a week at the gym in-between beach days and cocktail hours. Her absolute favorite color is turquoise, so she was thrilled when we sent her the Evo Check Active Edition and Evo Elite Active Edition for her iPhone 7.

Not only do the cases match her yoga mat and waterbottle, but now every workout outfit is complete with her cases and turquoise sweatband! We love it.

Get the look, with the Evo Check Active Edition from Verizon.

Hungry Runner Girl

Fitness blogger Hungry Runner Girl is currently training hard for her next marathon, so she is always on the go, running around, literally. With the Evo Wallet Active Edition, she can go from early morning run straight to post workout smoothie. The Evo Wallet Active Edition holds up to 2 cards for storage, and the perfect pocket for a key or cash.

No need to rush home to grab your handbag in-between exercise and social outings with the Evo Wallet Active Edition for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Bianca Cheah

Bianca is a fitness enthusiast, fashion guru and all around workaholic. With fitness brand sponsorships in the U.S. and Australia, she is constantly jet setting around the globe. But traveling and a busy schedule can make it difficult to fit in a workout. And this is something Bianca has openly struggled with.

Above, Bianca sports the Evo Elite Active Edition style matched to her favorite athleisure outfit. The Evo Elite Active Edition protects her phone from drops as high as 10 feet, so whether she is jumping continents or jump rope, Bianca has the ultimate protection case.

Chic and Sweaty

Chic and Sweaty has a very fit paced lifestyle in New York, but always makes time for working out, even if that means in her bedroom!

She fell in love with the Evo Check Active Edition when she noticed that the speckled pattern perfectly matched her favorite yoga set.

Ashley Chmelka 

Ashley Chmelka is a fitness influencer and brand new mother. Finding the time to get personal time in with a new baby is very difficult. Ashley squeezes in some exercise when taking her baby out for stroller walks around her block in New York.

And the best part? She never has to worry about a broken hone when she's rockin' the Active Edition.

Shop the Evo Elite Active Edition for your iPhone 7/7 Plus at Verizon.