How to Apply your Impact Shield Screen Protector

Application Instructions for your Impact Shield Screen Protector

Follow the instructions below, together with our brand new application video to ensure that you get the most out of your multi-layered screen protector.

  1. To begin with, clean the screen of your gadget thoroughly removing all dust and oil.
  2. Fit the applicator to your smartphone. The applicator helps you to line up your Impact Shield accurately with your screen.
  3. Peel away "Tab 1" of your Impact Shield. This reveals the sticky side of your screen protector.
  4. Align Impact Shield to your gadget.
  5. Apply pressure to the centre of Impact Shield for OneTouch adhesive.
  6. Carefully remove the applicator and let the Impact Shield settle across your screen.
  7. Remove excess bubbles using the squeegee provided
  8. Remove "Tab 2" of the Impact Shield, and your application is complete.

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