How to Apply your Impact Shield HTC One Screen Protector

Application video- shown with iPhone 6

Our Impact Shield screen protector for HTC One M8 is scientifically proven to absorb and dissipate the force of impact away from the screen of your device. To ensure that you apply your Impact Shield correctly, simply follow these 5 simple steps with application video.

How does it Work?

Tech21 Impact Shield

A hard top layer spreads the impact over a wider surface area whilst a second layer, BulletShield featuring BASF Polymer used in bullet proof glass, absorbs and dissipates impact. A final third soft layer dampens force and further absorbs impact protecting your screen with the most advanced impact protection yet. An advanced self-healing anti-scratch layer created with reflowing polymer completes the world’s most advanced screen protector.

How do I Apply my Impact Shield correctly?

1. Clean the screen of your device thoroughly. It’s crucial that before you begin applying the Impact Shield, you clean the screen thoroughly with the lint-free cloth provided. Carefully wipe the screen, removing all oil and dust. This will prevent such particles from becoming stuck underneath the Impact Shield.

2. Remove the first tab and align. Carefully remove “Tab 1” and align the Impact Shield to the screen of your device ensuring that you do not place your fingers on the underside or trap any dust.

3. Form a “U” shape. Carefully pinch the sides of the Impact Shield, causing it to form a “U” shape (see application video), and apply pressure to the centre for OneTouch adhesive. Allow the Impact Shield to settle and stick to the screen.

4. Remove any excess bubbles. Using the squeegee provided, gently tease out any remaining bubbles.

5. Remove “Tab 2”. Remove the second label of the Impact Shield to reveal a self-healing anti-scratch surface.

Tech21 Impact Shield

Our Impact Shield screen protector retains perfect optical clarity whilst providing advanced impact protection.

To demonstrate the difference in protection between a naked screen and one protected by our Impact Shield, we conducted an experiment.

A 2 ounce metal ball was dropped from 6 feet on to a naked screen and an Impactology protected screen respectively.

The first unprotected screen shattered whilst the second Impactology protected screen remained fully intact.

Impact Shield Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which parts of my device does the Impact Shield protect?

Our Impact Shield protects the screen of your device with premium impact protection.

  • Does the Impact Shield allow for access to all features of my HTC One (M8)?

Yes, our Impact Shield allows for access to all functions of your device, including the iPhone 5s finger print sensor.

  • How do I clean my Impact Shield?

To remove any smudges on the surface of your Impact Shield, use the lint-free cloth provided.

  • Where can I buy the Impact Shield from?

You can buy the Impact Shield from our website:
or from one of our partners.

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