How not to crack your iPhone screen

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Ever had a cracked iPhone screen? Had to shell out a small fortune for repairs or endure the struggle of not being able to see half your screen or risk getting glass in your finger? This could be a thing of the past!

An Apple patent application published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office details a method of detecting and notifying users of cracks in a device’s glass, even if the break is a hairline fracture.

One in five people damage their mobile phone within the first six months. And over a third of these breakages are simply from dropping them on the floor!

Walking around with a cracked phone screen is not a good look. Apple is working on this The Coverglass Fracture Detection technology will help users determine when a device is cracked and perhaps prevent such events in the first place.

Screens are more susceptible to damage than other components when a device is subjected to strong external forces. Manufacturers are not always able to determine the series of events that lead to screen fractures.

The technology uses the touch sensors already instilled in the device to detect cracks and determine where the origin of the crack is and the severity of it. User notifications can include pinpointing the area of damage to the screen, as well as alerts about ancillary damage to internal components caused by impact.

Image: USPTO

It is capable of distinguishing between hairline cracks and ‘spiderweb’ cracks, and capable of measuring fracture depth, length, width, and expansion rate, with proximity and orientation sensors also recruited into the system to detect falls.

Image: USPTO

Apple are able to collect this data and diagnostic information to understand how and when cracks most commonly occur, allowing designers to create displays more resistant to breaks.

At the moment there is no evidence that this technology will make it into future iPhones. In the meantime, to avoid any damage happening to your phone’s screen get your iPhone protected by the best iPhone protective cases. Head over to now and never have that heart in mouth dropped phone feeling ever again!