Google Home VS. Amazon Echo

Google Home vs Amazon EchoImage: CNET

Google Home and Amazon Echo are truly bringing us into a science-fiction reality, with their amazing capabilities to make our lives easier through cutting-edge technology.

Amazon Echo was first to sweep the homes of many people wanting to show off to their guests by telling the speaker to play a song or turn up the air conditioning. Now Google has a competing product with the Google Home, equipped with tons of information from Google’s immense search engines.

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Both Google Home and Amazon Echo are essentially speakers offering far-field voice recognition to recognize vocal controls from anywhere in the room that they’re located. Amazon Echo has a 7 microphone array than can listen in 360-degrees, while Google Home is only equipped with two for stereo-pick up. The Google Home uses a “high-excursion speaker” offering “crystal-clear highs and rich bass” as stated by Google.

Google Home comes in various colors to match any style of interior design in your home, a total of seven different colors to be exact; mango, marine, violet, carbon, snow, or copper.

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The most important aspect of Google Home and Amazon Echo is their smart assistant. Amazon uses a virtual assistant called Alexa, who you can summon by name and even get a verbal response. Alexa has the intelligence to help in the kitchen and convert thing like grams to milligrams, or pull up a desired recipe. With Alexa you are able to get information on news, sports, weather, traffic etc.

The Google Assistant brings every owner a personal assistant in their own living room. With Google Home you can get real-time answers to your questions thanks to Google’s rich search history. Google Home connects seamlessly with smart devices like Chromecast, Nest and Philips Hue, so you can use your voice to set the perfect temperature or turn down the lights.

Apps Available

While Google Home has a plethora of information due to Google’s search history, Amazon Echo has over 3,000 apps that you can access through voice control. A new Assistant feature called “My Day” gives you an update every morning on the day’s weather, the commute, and what you have on your schedule for that day.

Both speakers connect to the home Wi-Fi to control over devices around the house. For example, they can connect with a device like Nest to turn up the heat in your home when commanded.


And if you want to be able to jam out in your home to your favorite tunage, Google Home is fully equipped with Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora and others. Music on Google Home supports podcasts and because it’s a Cast device you can stream music to it from any other Cast-enabled device. And with multi-room capability, multiple Google Home devices can be grouped together to enjoy the same song in every room.

Amazon Echo just launched Amazon Music Unlimited, an on-demand streaming service powered by Alexa. Amazon Music Unlimited debuts with a catalog of tens of millions of songs along with curated playlists and personalized stations. Spotify and Pandora will still be available to subscribers on Echo.

home vs echoImage: Forbes

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