Galaxy S8 Evo Check Active Edition Review by The Tech Reviewer

The Tech Reviewer got her hands on the Evo Check Active Edition in grey and turquoise and did a rundown video of how each case suits her brand new Samsung Galaxy S8. Read on for highlights and a look at the full video review.

The Tech Reviewer enjoys how thin and lightweight the cases are, providing 10 ft drop protection without adding weight and bulk to the elegant S8. She notes the nice degree of grip

"grippy, but not so grippy that it is hard to remove from pockets and handbags". 

The Evo Check Active Edition differs from the regular Evo Check with its sporty speckled design. The classic check pattern of the case has white speckled accents which style match the hottest trends in athleisure fashion.

Check out the full review on The Tech Reviewer's blog and watch the whole video below.

Love the look? Get the Evo Check Active Edition for the Galaxy S8 and S8+, and the iPhone 7 and 7+.