Galaxy Note8 Unboxing with Super Saf

When it comes to tech reviews in the UK, Super Saf is THE go to guy. With over 696k subscribers on his YouTube channel, it is safe to say that Super Saf is a tech expert. We wanted Saf's opinion on our new range for the Note8, so we send him our most innovative product and had him test it out on the newest device from Samsung. 

Just like Dom Esposito, Super Saf rocks the Pure Clear on his Note8, the clearest case on the market. But he also showcases the device in the Evo Wallet, Evo Check in clear, and the Evo Tactical for the Note8.

Super Saf goes on to say that because of the delicate infinity screen of the device, he highly recommends buying a case for the Note8, one with real protection. tech21 cases for the Note8 offer up to 3m/10ft protection, so your device will remain flawless, drop after drop after drop.

Check out the full unboxing of the Galaxy Note8 from Super Saf below...