Samsung Galaxy Note7 Review

Samsung Galaxy Note7 with Impact Clear case

Oh behold, Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy Note7, completely skipping out Galaxy Note6 to catch up with the rest of the Galaxy S series.

On August 2nd, Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy Note7 and announced the release date to be August 19th. The phone from Android blends many features from the Note5 with the curved screen and waterproofing of the S7 Edge.

Here’s what you can expect to see from the Note 7 that the Note 5 doesn’t have…

The dual-curved display allows the phone to be 2.2mm thinner than the Note 5, whilst preserving the large 5.7-inch screen size- larger than the Galaxy S7 Edge and iPhone 6S. Make sure you get a Slim Case for Galaxy Note 7 that caters for the screen and doesn’t add bulk to your handset!

The Note 7 also adopts the excellent camera and battery life from the Galaxy S7 range, with a 12-megapixel camera which performs better in low-light, and a larger, upgraded battery. The Note 5 actually had a better spec camera at 16-megapixels, however image quality has a lot to do with processing and light- especially coping with low-light shots which the Note 7 does.

Along with the rest of the “7” series the Note 7 has an IP68 rating that defends the device from water and dust- it can go up to 5 feet (1.5 meters) underwater for 30 minutes.

Performance-wise the Note 7 matches the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, offering performance up there with the best on the market.

The Note 7 is the first Samsung phone to have a USB type C charger port. But don’t let that worry you as they have also included a Micro-USB to USB-C adaptor in the box so you can still use all your old cables. This new type of connection seems to be set to be an industry-wide standard as Samsung is also making their new Gear VR headset with this.

Even more secure than a fingerprint scanner, the Iris scanner of the Note 7 allows you to unlock the phone with your eyes- how coo is that?!

Not only is the phone itself water-resistant, but so is the Stylus Pen that comes with it (which is more sensitive and accurate than ever), has support for Micro-SD cards (like the S7 range), both of which were not present in last year’s Note 5. The Note 7 has 64GB of internal storage, compared to the S7’s 32GB, and its battery has been increased to 3,500mAh with the capability of wireless charging.

So there you have it, the Galaxy Note 7 review. A phone with such exceptional features warrants a case that will keep it protected. Make sure you have the best case for Samsung galaxy Note 7.