Forgotten to Feed Your Pet? Don't Worry, there's an app for that..

App to feed your pet

Our CEO’s new puppy, Bella, has been keeping us on our toes during her visits to the office; she particularly loves lunchtime! Looking after a puppy, or any pet, can be hard work, particularly if one works long hours or tends to travel a lot. As of this summer, a smartphone app which allows owners to feed their pet remotely by controlling an intelligent feeder has been developed. The app can even send Facebook and Twitter alerts to let the owner know how much the pet has eaten, the time the animal started and finished eating as well as other nutritional information.

How does it work?

Pintofeed, a highly intelligent automated feeder, can be controlled by the smartphone app, enabling owners, wherever they are, to feed their pets. The app alerts the owner via Facebook or Twitter to let them know that their pet has been fed, as well as the start and end of feeding time and how much they ate. The feeder also sends the owner the pet’s nutritional intake.

Carefully designed with built-in sensors and software which calculates a suggested dietary plan and feeding schedule to suit you and your pet, this wireless feeder is like no other on the market. Whilst feeding your pet it gathers unique data which is sent to the owner’s smartphone via the app regarding the animal’s health and development.

Intelligent Technology

This remarkable feeder can either feed your pet according to a time schedule you set, or on demand from your smartphone if you happened to need to stay late at work, for example.

Alternatively, the feeder, having observed your pet’s eating habits and sensed its requirements, can design and use its own feeding schedule that’s tailored to meet the specific needs of your pet!

Developed to provide a healthy, nutritional routine for the pet, the feeder means that the owner need not worry about being late home, or whether the pet is being fed the right amount. If this wasn’t enough, the app is able to control the feeder from anywhere in the world, so you can relax and enjoy that family holiday without worrying about the cat!