How does FlexShock™ protect my MacBook from damaging forces of impact?

Our Impact Snap cases for MacBook act as a permanent protective coat for your device both whilst it is in use and in storage. They’re integrated with FlexShock™, a specifically engineered material which absorbs, dissipates and repels impact away from your device.

FlexShock is our newest impact absorbing material making its debut in a beautiful range of protective MacBook cases which combine premium structure with an executive look and feel.

At tech21 we take pride in only using the most intelligent materials in the creation of our Impactology case. FlexShock is a specifically engineered hybrid energy absorbing material which absorbs, dissipates and repels damaging forces of impact away from your MacBook.

FlexShock lines the interior of our Impact Snap cases which are brilliantly slim-fitting with an easy “snap-on” design which moulds seamlessly around your device. It’s semi-transparency allows the Apple logo to shine through with the exterior surface complimented with a soft-touch finish.

Available now in Purple, Pink, Black and Clear, browse our new Impact Snap cases for MacBook now.

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