Finding Rover: The app that uses facial recognition technology to find your missing dog

App to feed your pet

With Bella, our CEO’s puppy, keeping us on our toes at tech21 we were keen to discover more about the Finding Rover app which appeared on CNN alongside our stylish iPhone 5 cases.

CNN is an international broadcasting channel which provides news from across the globe. We were proud to see our Impact Band case for iPhone 5 feature on the channel alongside Finding Rover, the app which finds missing dogs by using facial recognition technology.

The owner must register a missing pooch by uploading a photo of the dog to the app which will then be placed in to the database to be scanned against photos of dogs which have been found and photographed in the area as missing.

If someone nearby has spotted your dog, taken a picture, and uploaded it to the app as missing, you will be notified and be able to find the dog again. Users are able to contact the person who has found their dog via the Finding Rover app.

The platform can also be used as a hub for posting and sharing photos of dogs.

Do you think that such a face recognition app could be used by people, for example to reunite missing children with their parents? Let us know what you think!