Everything you need to know about the best new iOS 10 features

iOS 10 featuresNow the dust has settled after the release of the new iPhone 7 and iOS 10, we look at what the new version of the operating system has to offer. We will round up the best new iOS 10 features, and convince you why you should update your iOS!

1.Portrait Mode

This feature is only for the iPhone 7 Plus, with it’s dual-lens camera system, and transforms your cameras capabilities with this new mode. In short, the mode adds a bokeh effect which blurs the background and accentuates the subject of the image.

2. iMessage

One of the most noticeable differences on iOS 10 is the transformation of the updated iMessage app. On the surface it appears to be similar to the older version however there are many added features. Next to the text-input bar lies a camera icon, a heart and the App Store icon. The camera is pretty self explanatory, much like on Whatsapp you can simply press the button to go to your camera from which you take and upload a picture to the chat. The heart icon has been taken from the Apple Watch, by clicking on it you can share your “heartbeat” (not your actual heartbeat). The Apple Store icon is a little more exciting as it allows the users to use add-ons to the chat such as a GIF searcher, Apple Music Integrations and the capability for external apps to integrate into chat, such as popular apps Citymapper and IMDb.

3. 3D Touch features

3D Touch was introduced with the iPhone 6S, however it was very limited to it’s capabilities upon release. Now with the changes to iOS 10, 3D Touch can be used to great effect. There are now 3D Touch actions dotted everywhere! A couple of useful features are hard-pressing the cancel icon to clear all notifications from the notifications tray (which can get very messy), and using shortcuts in the updated control center to alter the brightness of the torch, change timer length and other time-saving and useful shortcuts.

4. Lock screen

Apple have switched up the lock screen from the iconic “Slide to Unlock” screen, which has been completely removed, to having to physically press the new home button to unlock the phone. The phone is also equipped with a new feature, “Raise to Wake”, which means the phone automatically turns on when picked up. Pretty nifty! The swipe up for camera has also been removed, now you swipe to the right. Swiping left takes you to a new screen where your “Widgets” will be accessible, in a new and user friendly layout.

5. Control Center

The swipe up access to this feature remains, however the Control Centre is now in 3 parts. The first is similar to how it was before with the usual shortcuts and toggles. The music controller however has been removed from this screen and given its own screen. There is also a panel that ties into the new Home smart home controller app, which quickly allows you to tune your connected tech. And finally there is access to notifications, which are easy to clear when crowded with the new 3D-Touch capabilities.

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