Don’t break your phone on St. Patty's Day

St Patty’s Day is this Friday. Yes, it is coming closer, and when that day arrives many Americans will cast their inhibitions aside and get involved in some serious drinking to celebrate this Irish holiday.

After reading a study highlighting the 5 most common ways American’s break their phone, we thought it imperative to share before heading into the craziness that is a St. Patty's Day party.

Here are the five most common ways people break their phones.

  1. Dropping it on the floor — 33%
  1. Dropping it in the toilet or spilling water on it — 18% (Totally been there. Evo Aqua for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus keeps your phone clean and dry, no matter what chaos you get into this St. Patties Day)

  1. Dropping it in BEER — 13% (Extra risky this weekend, as over 30% of Americans plan on spending St Patrick’s Day in a bar this year)

  1. Throwing it in anger or excitement — 12% (Have no fear, the Tactical Extreme is here)
  1. Letting it fall off the bar or a table — 8% (The standard bar height in a Pub is 42 inches, or 3 and a half feet. tech21 cases protect your phone from drops as high as 13 feet. So you are pretty much good to go)

Want more precautions? Read How to Not Crack your iPhone Screen.