Control and Monitor your Oven from your Smartphone

Control your oven from your smartphone

Smart Homes

How does the GE Brillion smartphone app allow you to remotely preheat your oven, control the timer and even monitor the internal temperature of the food you are cooking within it?

This new app enables users to control the oven’s temperature, timer, and assess the internal temperature of the food cooking in the oven whilst anywhere around the home.

Be in Two Places at Once

The GE Brillion app is available both for Android and IOS devices and permits users to turns appliances on and off, change their settings and even receive maintenance alerts, all through a wireless connection and will one simply tap on the app. The intelligent system presents a new way of managing the home and certainly rises to the nation’s continuous need to be in two places at once.

Currently the app only works through a home Wi-Fi connection but according to the creators users will be able to control their home appliances from any range in which they have an internet or Wi-Fi connection.

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