CES 2017: the newest in tech for 2017

CES 2017 Show Highlights

Welcome to Las Vegas, and our CES 2017 roundup. We are going to take you through the best of CES, in particular the newest and coolest tech for 2017.

Lego Boost-

Are you in favor of teaching coding to kids? How about fusing coding with a product which is a household name and brand when it comes to toys? The clever people at Lego have done just that! It’s everyone’s childhood dream to bring their very own creations to life, and now these dreams are a reality. The set contains a combination of sensors, motors and a unique companion app that teaches kids how to code so that they can program their new robot friend! Boost is designed for kids 7 years of age and up and the starter set will set you back $160, a small price for an educational and fun way to play.


Honda are known for their innovative and forward thinking approach to the automotive industry, and their stand at CES demonstrated that perfectly. Firstly, there is the Honda Neuv, a city car equipped with Artificial Intelligence, and an electric skateboard in the boot in case you get fed up of the traffic! This smart-like city car concept, which responds to ‘Hana’, is represented by an emoji like face on the dashboard which intelligently learns your likes and dislike, monitors your mood through heart rate monitors and facial recognition technology, suggests different routes and alters the power levels on the car. Talk about smart!

Also at the Honda stand was a motorcycle which stays upright at slow speeds with their ‘Riding Assist’ technology. Honda's bike doesn't just help a person keep a bike upright, though. The motorcycle also keeps itself upright, even without a rider. The researchers realized that if a bike can stay upright on its own, then why not allow it to drive itself? So it did… The bike doesn’t always need the technology, only at slow speeds, but when you slow down, the bike transforms from normal to ‘balance mode’, with the front forks extend the front tire away from the bike, lowering the center of gravity. Clever!

Honda Self Driving Motorcycle

Dish AirTV-

AirTV is based on Android TV and combines the Sling TV video service with apps from Google Play, that also works with an over-the-air antenna to pull in free live TV as well, covering all bases and catering for all your TV needs. Live channels get a dedicated row on Sling TV’s home screen, and appear alongside cable channels in the Guide view.

It is 4K enabled which means if the source you are streaming or watching live from is 4K then it will in fact, be 4K. Sling TV is only available in the USA, sorry everyone else!

Razor Project Valerie-

What do hardcore gamers need? More screens of course! Gamers often have more than one screen in their home setup and with the rise of E-Sports globally, there is now a need for portable high-spec computers. Gaming PC maker Razor unveiled a concept laptop at CES with THREE 17-inch 4K screens, claiming that this is the first of it’s kind.  The two additional screens come out of the side of the primary screen and have an automatic mechanism. You may think this would add bulk but this is not the case, still staying relatively slim at 1.5-inches thick, which is comparable to many standard gaming laptops.

Razor Project Valerie Portable Gaming Laptop


It wouldn’t be CES if we didn’t talk about Virtual reality. And as expected it did feature heavily at the show as VR is slowly becoming a mainstream technology. But something that stood out from the crowd was Hypersuit. Hypersuit transforms you into a superhero like never before in a complete 360 VR experience.

And if that makes you feel dizzy just watching the video, Intel has your back…

Intel BarfBags-

One of VR’s downfalls is that it makes some people feel a bit queasy. At the Intel Keynote at CES 2017, which was partly in Virtual Reality, they provided the audience with an Oculus Rift, a laptop, and ‘BarfBags’. The conference wasn’t all in VR, nor for long periods of time, and the paper bags were more a satirical addition to the keynote which was mix of skydiving videos, a live sports feed, a preview for horror game ‘Arizona Sunshine’, plus an on-stage demo of Intel’s Project Alloy Headset being released later this year.

Smart Tattoo’s-

Finally, we can’t have a round up of tech without mentioning wearable’s. This year something special caught our eye- the Smart Tattoo. This skin tight, weightless wearable can do everything a smartwatch or band does, and more…


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