The App that Parks Your Car


We’re proud to attend this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where Bosche has unveiled the brand new “Automatic Parking Assistant” app which is able to park your car, whether or not you’re in it! Is this the beginning of a future of automated driving?

The app was introduced to help drivers with those tricky, time consuming maneovers, like the parallel park, as demonstrated below! The car is instructed by the smartphone app to park itself on its own, without knocking in to anything.

How does the “Automatic Parking Assistant” work?

The app can be controlled in two ways. The driver can use a button in a fob or an app which is connected specifically to the car, via their smartphone. Sensors are fitted in to the car along with specially designed intelligent hardware which tracks obstacles and causes the car to react. Incredibly, all of this can be done with or without a driver at the wheel. The intelligent technology fitted in to the car ensures that does not cause damage to itself or other vehicles. Is this enough to convince you to trust it with your car?

Every Year we Waste 1 Day of our Lives Parking

In their campaign for the development of automated driving, Bosche explain that every year we spend a whole day of our lives parking. Intelligent technology such as the "Automatic Parking Assistant" is created so as to save this valuable time and give it back. The technology of our world is constantly evolving, but are self-parking cars really the future?