Celebrating Luck on Friday 13th


When you have a tech21 case, your phone is safe from all bad luck—even on Friday the 13th! Check out some of our favorite epic Survival Stories, and remember to wear your good luck charm (or, scientifically proven impact protection technology, whatever floats your superstitious boat) on your phone every day!

iPhone survives being shot with a rifle thanks to Evo Check!

Well, an Airsoft Rifle. But still. “Cheers for the sweet save” says Damien, accompanying this snapchat video. “Shot it with an air rifle.” We're glad our Evo Check could help you out!


Samsung Galaxy S8 is hit with a full-speed baseball, and lives!

What started as a normal day watching baseball ended as an epic tech21 survival story. Watch as a baseball flies straight for the camera, knocking the phone out of Nichole's hand in what, normally, would be a devastating blow. Thanks to her Samsung Galaxy S8 Case, she was able to pick her phone up and continue recording the game, unbothered.

iPhone 7 Survives long fall from a Helicopter!

John dropped his iPhone 7 from a helicopter while videoing the scenery at 500ft. He later found it using Find my iPhone, and by some lucky coincidence, it landed in his neighbors yard. And guess what? It still worked perfectly!

Watch this epic tale unfold below!


Tech21 Case Survives 10,000 Foot Drop!

A professional skydiver uses his iPhone 6 at 10,000 ft, what could go wrong? When Jim Cowan checked his pocket to find his phone, he realized that it must have fallen out when he exited the aircraft. Using Find my iPhone, Jim found it 4 miles away from his landing site.

It was lying face down in the dirt, in 105 degree weather for 4 hours, before it was found. It came back to life with no problems. The case showed a tiny scratch in the corner of the rubber, and that's it! Aside from the Arizona dust, neither the phone nor case suffered ANY damage!

How's that for luck?


Say What?!

Can you believe how lucky these folks got? Well, luck doesn't have too much to do with it. Tech21 offers scientifically proven impact technology to protect you #DropAfterDrop. What's your craziest survival story? Tweet us! And shop for your next tech21 case now.