Can Your Phone Survive Being Hit By A Baseball?

Would your phone survive being hit by a baseball? If you have a tech21 case, it should! User @NicholeAsquith went to Twitter earlier this week with an incredible video showing her Samsung Galaxy S8 surviving a massive hit from a baseball! (Video Below)

Watch as a baseball flies straight for the camera, knocking the phone out of Nichole's hand in what, normally, would be a devastating blow. Thanks to her Samsung Galaxy S8 Case, she was able to pick her phone up and continue recording the game, unbothered.

Nichole says she and her family love their tech21 gear, so as a token of our appreciation, we sent her and her family brand new cases for their devices. We're proud to keep families like Nichole's safe #DropAfterDrop and #SwingAfterSwing!

We'd love you hear your survival stories. Tweet us! If you want a case like Nichole's, you can find them here.