Brits would rather go without their friends than their phone

Tech21 iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus case range-New research reveals over a third would rather not see their mates than be without their mobile-
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-Tech21 study reveals we’re a nation in serious relationships… with our smartphones

London – 19 September 2016 – More than a third of Brits would prefer to spend a weekend without seeing their friends than go without their mobile phone, a new study into our love affair with our devices has revealed.

In the poll of over 2,000 adults by tech21, leaders in impact protection for mobile devices and the UK’s number one case brand, 38% admitted they would rather cancel on their mates than face the separation anxiety of being without their handset.  The younger you are, the more likely you would be to shun your pals, with more than twice as many 18-34 year olds choosing their mobiles over their mates.

In the wake of the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus launch, the research found our relationships with our devices – especially among the younger generation – are so ingrained that even the thought of being without our handsets makes us stressed, anxious or unhappy.  35% of Brits – and nearly half of 18-34 year olds (48%) – get anxious when they’re running low on battery, and 31% get anxious if they leave their phone on the bar, reflecting signaling the rise of the condition known as ‘nomophobia’ (no-mobile-phone phobia).

20% of those surveyed described their mobile phone as their most prized possession, with this figure increasing to 34% amongst 18-34 year olds.

Our smartphones are also where we store our deepest, darkest secrets – which has sparked a rise in the number of partners snooping on each other’s phones.

Almost a third of Brits (29%) have checked their partner’s phone without their knowledge, while half of 18-34 year olds admitted to turning detective in a bid to find out what their other half has been up to – compared to only 13% of over 55s.  Men are the worst offenders, with nearly three quarters (77%) taking a cheeky peak compared to 65% of women.

In addition to being a nation of smartphone snoopers, the research also uncovered how many people have closer relationships with their phones than their partners and don’t trust anyone else to look after their device.

On average, people check their phones 30 times a day – rising to 46 times a day for 18-34 year olds – but only speak to their partner 23 times a day.

The nation's obsession with phones begins the moment people wake up, with users more likely to check their phone as soon as they open their eyes (27%) rather than speak to their partner (15%) or wake up their kids (2%).  What’s more, half of those surveyed admitted the thought of damaging or losing their phone was more upsetting than their partner forgetting their birthday or anniversary (50% v. 39%).

Despite the huge value attached to our phones, the study suggests Brits are a careless bunch when it comes to protecting their most precious possession. Over a third (34%) have broken their own phone, rising to 55% among 18-34 year olds. More than a quarter (26%) have damaged their new phone within the first six months,

31% have broken their phone by dropping it on the floor, 10% have dropped it down the toilet and more than a quarter (29%) of 18-34 year olds have damaged their beloved handset when drunk.

These mobile phone mishaps are also hugely upsetting, with users ranking it as more traumatizing than losing your engagement or wedding ring.

“As this research shows, mobile phones are an essential part of our daily lives and people feel completely lost and detached from the world without them,” said Jason Roberts, CEO of tech21. “When you choose to protect your new phone, iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus with a tech21 case we know you are trusting us with your most valuable possession, so our mission is to ensure your phone has the best possible protection to keep it safe from everything life can throw at it – giving you absolute peace of mind.”

Tech21 continues to push the boundaries of impact protection by introducing an all-new 3 layer impact absorption system along with its scientifically proven material, FlexShock™, an ultra-efficient impact absorbing material which is scientifically proven to dissipate impact force, preventing it from passing directly through to the device. The revolutionary new design increases drop protection on some of the slimmest and best-selling lines by 50%, enabling them to now withstand drops of up to 3 metres/9.9 feet.

With this new range, tech21 has worked tirelessly to improve, re-design and refine every product to ensure that they continue to offer market leading impact protection that does not compromise phone performance. Our Apple iPhone 7 case range and iPhone 7 Plus case range have been rigorously tested to ensure perfect compatibility..  This guarantees a perfect fit, no loss in signal quality and no interference to Wi-Fi, mobile networks, Bluetooth syncing or features such as Apple Pay.  Core functionality such as camera, acoustics and sensors (such as Touch ID) will work the same with the case on or off.

The new range of iPhone cases and screen shields includes:

Cases re-designed

  • Evo Mesh and Evo Check – More protection. More personality. FlexShock™ and an all-new 3-layer impact absorption system means the advanced drop protection of Evo Mesh & Evo Check have increased by 50 percent, now with a 9.9 feet drop limit. Designs include a unique mesh or checkered pattern in a range of vibrant colors.
  • Evo Gem – Protection in dazzling color. Available in a range of dazzling colors and featuring a stunning geometric design, Evo Gem protects in style. Thanks to FlexShock™ and an all-new 3-layer impact absorption system, Evo Gem offers 9.9 feet drop protection.
  • Evo Tactical – Durable protection. Refined. Designed to endure the busy day ahead while complementing your smartphone’s premium and refined design. Evo Tactical’s drop protection has increased by 50 percent thanks to FlexShock™ and an all-new 3-layer impact absorption system that now offers 9.9 feet drop protection.
  • Evo Wallet – More protection. More convenience. Revolutionizing the wallet category with a unique detachable screen cover and a 50 percent increase in drop protection thanks to FlexShock™ and an all-new 3-layer impact absorption system. Evo Wallet can now withstand drops of 9.9 feet while also being significantly thinner than previous versions.

Cases refined

  • Evo Elite – Protection. Re-imagined. An all-new design and application technique means Evo Elite's sophisticated, iPhone® color matched finish is now significantly more durable with improved scratch resistance. Available in Rose Gold, Gold and Silver and with a 6.6 foot drop protection you can trust, Evo Elite can keep your phone as beautiful as the day you took it out of the box.
  • Impact Clear – Protect. Reveal. Pound-for-pound, Impact Clear is our most protective case. The ultra-thin, lightweight design uses BulletShield™ impact protection material, used in bulletproof glass, while the inbuilt anti-yellowing technology keeps the case looking good for longer.
  • Evo Tactical Extreme Edition – Durable protection. Designed to keep your phone safe and fully functional in the toughest environments, the Extreme Edition features our most robust impact technology, offering a 13-foot drop protection in a slim and lightweight package. Covers on all ports keep your device clean and free from dust and debris while giving you comfortable and precise access to all ports and function buttons.

Market leading screen protection

  • Evo Glass – Unrivalled protection. Premium feel. Smooth and crystal clear, there’s nothing quite like the feel of premium glass. Thanks to incredibly tough tempered glass, precision polishing and etching techniques, Evo Glass offers unrivalled protection that is 3.5 times stronger than the market leader.
  • Impact Shield Self Heal – Advanced protection. Enduring clarity. Designed with a reflowing polymer surface layer that smooths over day-to-day scratches and features BulletShield™ to absorb impact force, Impact Shield Self Heal leaves your screen smooth, crystal clear and highly protected.
  • Impact Shield Anti-Glare – Advanced protection. Perfect clarity. By diffusing and scattering light, Impact Shield Anti-Glare's surface layer gives perfect clarity in direct sunlight. While BulletShield™, used in bulletproof glass, spreads out and absorbs impact force stopping it passing through to your screen.

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