BRAND SPANKIN' NEW: tech21 introduces some exciting protection for the S9

It's flagship season and, you guessed it, that means it's new phone case season! Old Classics mixed with New Favorites, tech21 has launched a range of cases for the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ to ensure the right fit for anyone needing protection. Which will you choose?


Evo Check

Of course the Samsung Galaxy S9 will have a classic tech21 Evo Check case designed for it.  We’ve designed the Evo Check to protect your phone from up to 12ft, drop after drop. And that’s not hope or assumption, it’s scientifically proven. Being just 1.6mm thick, you’ll soon forget it’s there. What’s new: with this new flagship phone came new colors, including Orchid, Aqua, and Midnight Blue.

Evo Check - Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

Pure Clear

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ comes in some beautiful colors, as is. If you want to show off the color of your device while protecting your phone, our Pure Clear case is the case for you.  We’ve designed the Pure Clear case to protect your phone from up to 10ft. With anti-yellowing materials and near-perfect transparency you can enjoy your phone’s original beauty while keeping it well protected!

Pure Clear - Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

Evo Wallet

The Evo Wallet has a folio cover for complete 360° protection. With the ability to cary your cards and phone in one, this case is perfect for those on-the-go.  We’ve designed the Evo Wallet case to protect your phone from up to 12ft. It is designed to work even when the wallet is closed, meaning you won’t have to deal with a pesky flap when trying to take a call. This case comes in both black and pink.

Evo Wallet - Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

Evo Tactical

This case is thin and light with a raw, tactile feel. We’ve designed the Evo Tactical case to protect your phone from up to 12ft. The design of this case was inspired by raw minerals, and is perfect for those who like the look of a rugged case, but not the extra bulk of a rugged case.

Evo Tactical - Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

Evo Luxe

The Evo Luxe is a brand new design, debuting with the Samsung Galaxy S9. This premium, easy-to-clean vegan leather looks great on your phone and feels comfortable in your hand. We’ve designed the Evo Luxe case to protect your phone from up to 12ft. Sleek and professional, this case is for those who want to class up their every-day look.

Evo Luxe - Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

Evo Max

The Evo Max is another brand new design. The Evo Max design is inspired by the digital pixels we see every day, and we’ve designed the Evo Max case to protect your phone from up to a whopping 14ft. This case also comes in brand new colors, like Smokey Dahlia, Devine Blue, and Crushed Turquoise!

Evo Max - Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

Yes, we know, we've given you a lot to think about. But, no matter which case you choose, you can sleep soundly knowing you picked the best Samsung Galaxy S9 protection on the market. Which case will you choose? Tweet us and let us know!