Best iPad Apps for Cooking with the Kids

Best iPad Apps for Cooking with the Kids

Now that school is back in session, what better way to bond with your child than to get in the kitchen together and get creative? Not only is it time well spent at home with the kids, but cooking is a restorative activity for everyone involved.

These iPad apps designed for cooking with kids will make interacting in the kitchen easier than it’s ever been!


  1. Big Fork Little Fork

This kids app is a parent’s best resource to help raise kids with smart eating habits and appreciation for good, healthy food. You and your kids will have a blast in the kitchen with recipes, video how-to's and educational games aimed at getting the whole family to cook together, eat together, and live well together. Let this app be your kid’s virtual guide to explore cooking.

  1. Nicola’s Garden

Inspired by 8-year-old Nicolas, from the Farm to Fork capitol of the world; Sacramento Valley. This app is a kid-centric, family-friendly and easy to use iOS app for kids’ recipes.  This app is fully equipped with gamification user features for kids to find recipes they like, to save their favorites and share with friends and family. Found a recipe you’d like to make? Create a virtual shopping list so you can easily access the ingredients when grocery shopping.

  1. Sara’s Cooking Class

This app is a mobile cooking game with genuine recipes for iPad, iPhone, Android and kindle fire. Let your kid practice by virtually preparing any one of the 17 meals and recipes. Then take it to the kitchen and test out those newly learned cooking skills!


  1. Great British Chiefs Kids

On this iOS app you can find 21 of the top chefs from across the UK, each providing 5 wonderful recipes for cooking with kids. Have access to over a hundred amazing kid-friendly recipes. Each recipe contains step by step instructions and tips as well as 25 easy to follow videos to guide children through cooking techniques like, ‘How to Separate Eggs’. The app has intuitive navigation and search functionality so your kid will feel be able to easily follow along.


Before you download any or all of these awesome apps, make sure you take some precaution when having your iPad in the kitchen.

Make sure you have first ever, childproof iPad case, the Evo Play. This protective iPad case has a sealed outer shell making it play abrasion/bite resistant. So no need to worry about kitchen counter drops or food bacteria getting in under the surface. Such a durable iPad case is dishwasher friendly to 60°C/140°F so keeping it clean couldn't be any easier.