Best Android Apps of 2016

Best Android Apps of 2016

Make the most out of your smartphone with the best apps for Android of 2016!

There’s so much your phone can aid you with in your daily life due to smartphone applications. From fitness to finance, travel to takeout, apps make everything more convenient.

Here are 7 of the best apps from 2016.

  1. Greenify

With Greenify, make sure your battery isn’t draining unnecessarily. Greenify is an app that regulates how much battery each app is sucking up from your overall device. It freezes the apps you tell it to when you’re not using them, and instantly defrosts them when you need to gain back access.


  1. Clean Master

Having a slow device is probably one of the most irritating things ever. This app scrubs your phone or tablet clean of any virus that may be slowing it down. The app’s junk file scans your device and gets rid of any unwanted cache and residual files. So your Android device can operate at top speed.


  1. Opera Max

This free app allows you to super charge your web browsing. This app reduces the size of images and videos, speeds up website load times and saves you from around a third to almost half of your general data use. You can also temporarily turn off connections if you want to save more data at the end of the month.


  1. Pocket


This app is a great one for those of us with short attention spans. Or for those of us on the go in areas without internet connection. Pocket allows you to save articles and videos to read them at a more convenient time. Once you have saved your content, you can go to the Pocket queue and pull up articles or videos for viewing whenever you choose.


  1. WifiMapper

For those of us without unlimited data plans, this app will be crucial to help you find free Wi-Fi spots all over the world. This app displays crowdsourced maps where the WifiMapper community shares where to get free WiFi wherever you are.


  1. Dashlane

Dashlane is an app that helps forgetful minds remember their various passwords, because let’s face it, that can be very difficult. Dashlane saves all of your passwords and labels their use so you never forget your passwords to anything. The app uses encrypted codes and regularly monitors them to ensure you have peace of mind. It also secures other data like credit card information and financial details, making them easily accessible when you need them.


  1. Indeed


Indeed is one of the best job search apps for Android devices. Searching for a new job doesn’t have to take hours and hours of searching the web or newspaper ads. Indeed lets you search for a job when you’re on the go, making it accessible from wherever you are. Indeed lets you narrow the results by sorting jobs by location, type of employment, job title etc. Upload your resume to make it easier for you to instantly apply for a job you find!

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