Best Android Apps 2017

Best Android Apps in 2017 so far | tech21 ●● ●™

Recently bought an Android device and need the best Android apps? Here is a roundup of our top 10 Android apps…

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1. Avast Antivirus & Security (Free)-
This powerful antivirus app is for those who want to make their smartphone secure and keep their private information safe. This does everything you need for basic protection for free. Fro complete protection and extra features there are in-app purchases.

2. Clean Master (Free)-
Nobody likes a slow phone. Clean Master’s June File Cleaning feature scans your Android device for any unwanted cache and residual files. Very handy indeed!

3. Opera Max (Free)-
Supercharge your web browsing. Opera Max minimizes the size of images and videos in browser, speeds up website load times, and saves you a third of the data you typically use. You can also restrict which apps run using your data to only run when connected to Wi-Fi. This one is a game changer!

4. Snowball (Free)-
Fed up of the barrage of different app notifications? Need to organize your social media life? Enter Snowball, a social media aggregator which helps manage the blizzard of notifications you receive. You can view all of your notification in one place, and you can reply to all the different kinds without leaving the one app.

5. Pocket Casts-
A powerful and user friendly podcasting app. It allows you to download podcasts at any time whilst connected, and if you drop connection it will sync and start up again when you re-connect. This can be done with an iOS device or browser device too!

6. VLC (Free)-
An app that can handle any file type you throw at it. This is the only video player you will ever need. Thanks to it’s open-source roots, the update process is transparent, so you always know what your device can or can’t support.

7. Stop Motion Studio (Free)-
Make animated shorts like a pro. This easy to use and surprisingly powerful piece of software will allow you to create short animations that can be exported at the touch of a button in a variety of formats from full HD to animated GIF’s ready to upload to Twitter.

8. Charity Miles (Free)-
Struggle to get motivated to go for a run? Wish you gave to charity more often? Well, look no further. With Charity Miles for every mile you run, money is donated to charity who you choose, through commercial sponsors who advertise on the app.

9. AirDroid (Free)-
Get your Android handset on your desktop. AirDroid allows you to control your phone remotely- allowing you to respond to messages, emails or your social media notifications with a full size keyboard and painlessly share files between your phone and computer.

10. Unclouded (Free)-
An app that combines the power of Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive into one place. Juggling two or three different storage apps can be a nightmare- confusing, time consuming and frustrating. With Unclouded you can have all your different storage accounts in one place. For one or two accounts it’s free, but if you want to manage more then you will have to pay for in-app extras.

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