Behind the Scenes- Tech21 vs... Comic Con

Did you catch flight of our Comic-Con super-case video featuring the Tactical XT, our most rugged case for iphone 6 and 6S.

Let us give you a behind the scenes look at the making of our video…

Involving different technologies and various methods of filming, the video itself went through stages to take it from idea on paper to an awesome video.

The Comic-Con video was originally supposed to be around a minute in length- the idea being that the subject is just a normal person out on a walk. As they walk down the street they get a notification reminding them that Comic-Con is today. In a frantic rush, they decide to beat the traffic and fly off to the event- revealing that the subject is not normal at all, that they are in fact a Superhero.

So how did we shoot it?

All the scenes that showed an elevation of some sort were created with a DJI Phantom 2 along with a GoPro HERO4 Silver. Each shot required a number of takes to make sure it looked as though the character in the film was flying up, up and away.

Scenes where the ‘Superhero’ looked as though they were flying, were initially taken with a green screen that was then keyed onto the flying DJI Phantom footage in Adobe Premiere Pro.

We combined quad-copter footage along with green screen footage (both captured on GoPro 4 Silver) then composited it in Premiere Pro.

The purpose of the video is to communicate that one can trust in their tech21 case because of its stellar drop protection. So of course we had to feature our Tactical XT, our most protective case for iphone 6 and 6s. With a drop protection from as high as 4m/13ft, as well as a resistance to dust, there was no better match for this case.

Equipment we used

  • DJI Phantom 2

DJI Phantom 2

  • GoPro HERO4 Sliver

GoPro HERO4 Sliver

  • Tech21 Evo Tactical XT for iPhone 6/6S

Tech21 Evo Tactical XT for iPhone 6/6S

The Edit

Before shooting the video we decided that we would like the look and feel of the video to relate to Comic-Con’s pop-art comic book style. So we went with an animated comic book theme.

This meant a lot of short action sequences along with overlaying text describing what was going on in that particular scene. The text also described the sound FX going on with impacts to the device. We used several different borders to replicate the panes seen in traditional comic books, which also help draw attention to certain details that we wanted to show, such as a 3-meter drop.

We decided to keep the edit short with a fast pace to the film engaging. This is made possible by the comic book style animations highlighting what is going on. See below some of the magic that made our hero ‘super’.

The raw footage taken from the GoPro attached to the Phantom 2

Using green screen to capture the actions and gestures of the ‘Superhero’

The result… editing the two parts of footage together to create a cohesive film of our Superhero flying through the sky.