Battle of the Virtual Assistants: Google Assistant vs Siri

Virtual Assistant- Siri vs. Google Assistant

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way in the last few years with you know being able to ask your phone pretty much anything and getting a valid, and sometimes witty response, in real time. In the Smartphone virtual assistant world there are 2 players- Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri, and with the releases of the iPhone 7 and the new Google Pixel we ask what is the best virtual assistant out there?

So let’s start with Google Assistant. Google new flagship device is the first of it’s kind to have the software and aims to be the successor to Google Now. It runs on the Pixel’s Android 7.1 Nougat operating system. The feature, much like Siri, can be used via voice commands to give it instructions or to ask it questions.

Siri has been upgraded with it’s latest version now available with iOS 10.0.3. It has supposedly developed its machine learning capabilities improving the accuracy and intelligence thanks to backend modifications. It has also opened itself up to third party apps to work in conjunction with them, allowing them to integrate their services in Siri’s answers to queries.

So when put head-to-head which software reigns supreme? YouTube Tech Guru Marques Brownlee carries out a series of tests with the Apple and Google devices side by side to conclude which software performs better. Check it out!

Watched the video? Now read the verdict below…


Marques asks a series of varied questions quizzing two virtual assistants. When asked about the weather both devices retrieve the info pretty quickly, but present it in different ways- Siri showed a chart of the weather forecast while Google Assistant read out the current temperature and the highs and lows for the day. When given an equation both are quick off the mark with the correct answer. When asked for local business information such as the local post office opening times neither assistants had any trouble retrieving the correct results. When asked to perform a sear on the current price of a Tesla both returned the correct information, however Siri provided a visual chart for the user while Google Assistant simply read out the price.

When challenged by contextual questions the results were a bit more mixed. Initially Marques asks “who is the President of the United States?”, the Google Assistant returned Barack Obama while Siri returned Bing web search results. Following on from this Marques asks “how tall is he?”. Google Assistant came back with President Obama’s correct height, while Siri returned a web search result for the question “how tall is the United States?”, getting a little confused with the query.

When being asked to access the phones features both assistants complete the tasks successfully setting timers and alarms, setting reminders with location information, and locating where “home” is with no problems. When asked to open a third party app both open the app successfully at an equally impressive speed.

Marques then goes on to ask for the devices to search for different forms of media. Firstly, he asks about the song playing. Siri gets it right while the Google Assistant didn’t know. When asked to display specific images both devices passed the test, with the Google assistant impressively successfully identifying an image of a cat from the image library of the phone.


When asked to tell jokes, Google assistant displayed its funny side returning quirky and witty responses. When Brownlee rudely told Google Assistant “make me a sandwich!”, the assistant responded with “you’re a sandwich!”.

Siri, in contrast, is more serious remaining the usual, reliable assistant that iPhone users know and love.

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