Backyard tech and gadgets for 4th of July

The 4th of July is all about celebrating being an American with the classics; BBQ, good beer, fireworks and family. And no 4th of July celebration should be spent without these backyard tech and gadgets that will take any party to the next level.

Here are our favorite tech and gadgets for your backyard 4th of July party....

TDK Life on Record Trek Max

Cranking up the tunes is a must at any backyard BBQ this Independence Day. This wireless speaker is easy to use and portable, not to mentioned water-resistant. So if people are getting rowdy in the pool, it's no sweat off your back and the tunes can keep rollin'.

Nikon Coolpix AW130 

This rugged camera is an excellent tool for recording your summer adventures. This image quality is very high, and the camera provides a 16-megapixel chip, 5x optical zoom, a 3-inch LCD, and an image stabilizer.

There's even a “Fireworks Show” mode, which should be useful this time of year. And, the camera's Wi-Fi and NFC chops make it easy to transfer photos to a compatible smartphone to share them with your friends.

Pendulumic Stance S1+ 

These home/studio-style headphones are just what you need to jam out to "Party in the USA" this 4th of July. The closed design delivers excellent sound while muffling out the rowdiness from your party guests who may have had too many red cups.

Evo Tactical

Speaking of rowdy party guests, make sure you have the best protection for your smartphone with the Evo Tactical. Offering up to 10ft drop protection, the Evo Tactical protects your device in rugged condition.

And if you are feeling festive, check out the Evo Tactical in red for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Pride and protection wrapped up in one, thin case.