Apps That Know You Better Than You Do

Smartphone Apps

Here’s a new type of App that really impressed us!

Predictive Search is a new type of intelligent app system which allows a robotic personal assistant to live within your
smartphone and help organize and prioritize your day. Incredibly, it’s able to anticipate what you need and when, recommending adjustments to your daily schedule, based on live events.

For example, the assistant can tell you that today you need to leave twenty five minutes early for your meeting due to traffic conditions, despite that fact that you haven’t told it you have a meeting.

How is this possible?

It’s able to read your e-mails, scan your calendar and calculate the traffic patterns of your journey, before alerting you that you need to leave by a certain time in order to not be late for your meeting.

Google Now, an app created by Google, for example, is able to tell you when to leave for a doctor’s appointment because it has noticed an email in your G-Mail account specifying a time and destination. It has seen your current location using advanced GPS signals before observing traffic conditions for your journey on Google Maps. It then calculates when you need to leave and provides the easiest route.

ReQall is a predictive search app which also uses contextual awareness to get to know you and jog your memory. One of its features is the blocking of incoming calls when it knows you are busy in a meeting.

It doesn’t stop there.

If a member of the family is repeatedly calling for urgent reasons, the app makes the decision to notify you. Because they rang repeatedly, share your surname and the app knows that you two speak often, it decides to override “silent mode” and interrupt the meeting knowing that the call must be important.

We’re fortunate to live in a world in which we can experience and observe the advancements of intelligent technology. Interestingly, smartphone apps such as these are predicted to become a mainstream tool incorporated in to our everyday lives! We’re feeling brave enough to give these a go; let us know if you spot any other cool apps over on Google+.