An inside look at the new iPhone X

The iPhone X (pronounced 10) has hit the market, and people are dying to get their hands on this $999 phone. Released as a 10th anniversary edition phone, the iPhone X is different than any phone Apple has created in the last decade. Here’s why:

The most initially noticeable difference is the screen. Covering the entire phone, the X has done away with iPhone’s signature Home Button and replaced that area with more screen space, giving the phone a 5.8-inch screen. The phone is nearly the convenient size of the iPhone 6, 7 and 8—but screen is actually larger than the screen on the iPhone 8+!

This mesmerizing screen goes all the way to the edges of the phone, and is highlighted by the Super Retina display, iPhones most high-res screen to date.

The iPhone X has some new features with the camera as well. The back camera is a dual lens that can take gorgeous photos with professional quality lighting and focus. The front camera has stepped up too, allowing “portrait mode” and animated emojis (known as Animojis) that mirror the user’s facial expression.

The front camera can even recognize your face, leading to the end of TouchID and the start of something completely new—FaceID! The iPhone X will unlock a phone for a face it can recognize, and it will even keep notifications private to unfamiliar faces.

Another new feature is the wireless charging capability. Because of the iPhone X’s glass frame, the phone can be charged on a charging mat without all those pesky wires.

The downside? Glass can break if you drop it, and with both the back and front of the phone to fix, repair will cost twice as much. So, if you’re excited to get your new iPhone X, don’t risk it! Head over to the tech21 website and cover your X with a screen protector and one of our great cases so that you can #DropMoreCareLess with your new toy!

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