Accessorize your New Rose Gold iPhone


Regardless of what model iPhone you carry around, the new rose gold colored handset from Apple is undeniably sleek and stylish. And of course, finding accessories that not only complement your iPhone, but enhance it, is always necessary.

Here are the top accessories to match your rose gold iPhone this season.

Satechi Aluminum Wireless Headphones & Stand


Rock out while look oh so sleek with these rose gold headphones that come with a rose gold stand to keep them from falling onto your desk. These headphones can be used to answer calls and easily adjust your sound-quality and volume. Both the headphones and stand have an aluminum design that match each other perfectly with rose gold and white accents.


Aimus Rose Gold Lightning Cable


Charge your rose gold iPhone in style with this pink-tinted charging chord from Aimus. This 4-foot length lightning cable has extra protection added to prevent any breakage, along with a braided nylon material giving it a feminine look. This cable’s color perfectly matches the rose gold of your iPhone and will look so chic when charging at home or on the go!


Evo Elite Rose Gold


What better way to protect your rose gold iPhone while preserving its shimmer and shine than

with the Evo Elite case from tech21. Available in silver, gold, space grey, polished black and of course rose gold. The Evo Elite has a smooth finish that is precisely color matched to your iPhone. And best of all, the unique material and application technique of the case make it durable and scratch resistant, so you can rock that rose gold all year long!

iPhone Lightning Dock


This classy iPhone lightning dock will look great paired with your shiny rose gold iPhone. The official iPhone Lightning Dock by Apple allows users to use regular wired headphones while charging their device. A handy desktop companion, the dock is available in colors that match those of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The Lightning dock comes in black, silver, gold, space grey, and of course, rose gold!

Rose gold 4-in-1 Olloclip


The Olloclip is a great tool for taking professional looking photos and videos with your iPhone. The 4-in-1 piece comes with four different lenses to make your photos come out stunning. The first lense is a fish-eye, the second is a wide angle lens, a 10x macro lens and lastly a 15x macro lens. The clip is adorable in rose gold, and comes with rubberized bumpers, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off and breaking.