A First Hand Look: HTC One (M8) Specs

HTC One M8

We were excited to be at the HTC One (M8) launch yesterday in London as the world awaited the details of HTC’s latest innovation. Here’s a quick overview of the device specs we captured at the event! And where you can find the best cases for HTC One M8.

Sleek and Executive

On first impressions the new device feels sleek and executive. It's alluminium structure is smooth and shiney with a premium feel. It features a 5 inch screen display which is created from Gorilla Glass. In comparison the screen of the iPhone 5s measures in at 4 inches with the Samsung Galaxy S5 screen at 5.1inches. Like the Samsung Galaxy, the M8 screen is full HD.

KitKat 4.4

It’s powered by a 2.3 GHz core processor which runs on 4.4 KitKat with an extended battery life at 2600mAh. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has 2.5 GHz with the iPhone’s 64-bit processor arguably giving the model a heads up.

What do you think of the Selfie photo mode?

The M8 boasts a 40% increase in battery life from the previous model and the HTC BoomSound™ system provides an optimized music and video viewing experience. A dual facing camera allows the device to understand the difference between what’s in the foreground and background; it even comes with a “Selfie” mode!

Customised News Feed

HTC introduced “Blink Feed”, the customizable news feed. If I love sailing, for example, I can arrange the news feed to present me with information of this theme.

We also got a chance to test out the “HTC Sense” feature which integrates your TV and phone together and allows for the device to become a remote control.

Answer the phone simply by holding it up to your ear

With the HTC Sense gesture control function, gestures can cause the device to anticipate what you need – to answer a call, simply hold the ringing phone up to your ear! Pretty sweet.

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