6 Photography Apps for your iPad

Our new Impact Folio case allows for access to all features, including a camera lens cut-out, so you can capture your holiday snaps with ease. Here are our 6 favourite photography apps for iPad.

1)      Photoshop Express: Free

Photoshop Express is an extension of the original services of photoshop.com. If you already use photoshop.com, you’ll be able to play with images both from your online account and your iPad. Give your images a professional look and feel with the range of effects available.

2)      Snap Seed: Free

Snap Seed is an excellent app for brushing up your holiday snaps, particularly with its amazing new HDR (high dynamic range) scape feature and selective adjust tool.

3)      Photogene: $0.99

Plenty of cool adjustments are available with Photogene; from noise reduction to image sharpening and colorful effects.

4)      Portfolio for iPad $12.99

For the more professional photographers, an iPad could be the perfect means to carry around a collection of prints and photographs. Instead of carrying around a folder of work, taking along an iPad using the Portfolio app might be the answer. Portfolio for iPad allows you to accommodate for both PDFs and JPEGs.

5)      Aviary

This clever photo app has recently had a revamp and features a new layout which is remarkably simple and easy to use.