5 Things We Love About XBox One FIFA World Cup App

5 things we love about fifa app

The FIFA World Cup Brazil companion app was available for download from the XBox One dashboard from 12th June! What do the Impactologist's love most about it?

1. Interactive

When a user is within the FIFA app, it alerts the player of when other users are active and playing games on Xbox One.

2. Personal

Users can personalize the app by informing it of their favourite teams and players. It will then pull up information about the team’s upcoming matches, latest news updates and tweets.

3. Convenient

Pull the app up on your screen next to a live World Cup game to be provided with information on live polls, stats and score updates!

4. Exclusive Access

The FIFA app can be used to access the football TV series, “Every Street United”, via the Destination Brazil section.

5. Game Mode

Users can access FIFA 14’s new World Cup Ultimate Team game mode. Here, players can create their own squads from all of the teams participating in this year’s World Cup Brazil.

Have you downloaded the app yet?