5 Things We Love About Tech21 HQ

5 Things we love about Tech21 HQ

1. Stunning Surroundings

We’re lucky enough to reside on Eel Pie Island on the River Thames which is famous for its “Eel Pie” music venue and lively, creative atmosphere. Our island is accessed via a small footbridge, or a rowing boat at high tide!

5 Things we love about Tech21 HQ

With our new office fountain, and the River Thames by our side, we've got some stunning surroundings, although we do have to keep an eye out for the tide..

5 Things we love about Tech21 HQ 5 Things we love about Tech21 HQ


2.Team Work

At Tech21 we take pride in seeing opportunity where others see obstacles. Together we work to create impact protective solutions which still give you the freedom to enjoy your device's original features.

3. In-House Watersports

How quickly do you think you could paddleboard around Eel Pie Island? It measures in at around 550 meters long and 135 meters at its widest area. Our staff paddle boarding competitions always go down a treat!

We’re also keen competitors in London’s Great River Race! Keep an eye out for us rowing away this September…

5 Things we love about Tech21 HQ

4. Impactology™ Community

The island is home to our friend and neighbour, Sir Trevor Baylis, pioneer and inventor of the world’s first wind-up radio! This great heritage helps inspire us to think outside of the box and create Impactology™ designs which always provide premium impact protection.

5 Things we love about Tech21 HQ

Sir Trevor showed some of our Impactologist's the tools which helped him come up with his ingenious wind-up radio innovation.

5. Eel Pie History

Legend has it that whilst travelling up the River Thames from London to Hampton Court Palace, King Henry VII was so hungry that he asked the royal barge to stop at the island. He ordered an eel pie from the famous stall run by “Mistress Mayo”. Supposedly the King thought it was absolutely brilliant and since then asked the barge to stop at the island every time..

5 Things we love about Tech21 HQ