5 Things we Didn't Know iPad Could Do

1. Enable Private Browsing

Enjoy original desktop features on your iPad such as private internet browsing. Simply go to the settings menu, Safari and switch on the “Do Not Track” feature. What are the benefits of this feature? Keeping your web browsing private prevents external companies from tracking your browsing habits for advertising purposes.

2. Split the Keyboard in Half

A different keyboard layout is available on iPad for those who prefer. Tab and hold down the keyboard button on the bottom right hand side of your tablet’s screen, and choose “Split” from the menu that appears.

3. Access and Use your Home Computer from Anywhere in the World

This amazing feature of the iPad, provided by iTeleport allows you to access your home computer, wherever in the world you are. You can send yourself emails with attached files that you require whilst on your journey, freak your family out by randomly playing music from an empty room, or downloaded the latest tunes for your travels.

4. “Pinch” the Screen, instead of using the Home Button

A simple “pinch” of the screen will return you to the home screen, without using the home button.

5. Use your iPad as a Remote Control

Download Apple’s Remote app to enable this feature of your iPad. Control music and videos on your Apple computer, or any other AirPlay devices, providing that all electronics are on the same WiFi network.

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