5 Cool Things We Love About Our Android Device

5 cool things we didn't know Android could do

Are you making the most of your Android device? Here are 5 little pointers you might find useful!

(1)    Tap Android phones together to share music, apps, photos and more...

Android Beam allows you to teleport information from one Android device to another using near field communication (NFC) in a truly sci-fi kind of way..

Touch two devices together to connect, and just tap to send. Send anything from contacts, tagged songs in Shazam, check-ins via FourSquare, music, video files and more.

Go to Settings and More to turn on Android Beam, or S Beam under NFC.

(2)    Unlock your phone with your face

Just take a few pictures of yourself to store within the phone which will review these images when you hold it up to your face to unlock for use.

Q: But what if someone (with a lot of spare time) decided to use a photo of me to access my device?

A: Presence Check requires you to blink as well as show your face to unlock.

(3)    Discover a hidden animation

Go to Settings, About Device and Android Version to be presented with the image of a "K"; hold your finger over the image to discover the secret animation within your phone.

(4)    Silence your device, or take a screen shot, with your palm

Mute a disruptive phone call by placing your hand over the screen.

Swipe the side of your hand across your screen to take a screen shot.

You’ll need to enable Palm Motion under Motions and Gestures in Settings.

(5)    Use gestures to write texts

Drag your finger between the letters on the keyboard and your phone will compose your message for you. Download Google Keyboard for free via Google Play.