5 Cool Things in the World of Tech This Week

77_playdateImage: Playdate 

This week we have scoured the internet for cool gadgets and solutions for everyday problems, to make the struggle of modern life a little easier. From apps and software to hardware and robots, here is the run down:

1. Keezel VPN Technology

how-it-works-section-1 Source: Keezel

Keezel uses VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology  to secure you internet connection, improving your online security protecting you from the likes of data hackers, internet service providers, network admins and government surveillance. Keezel secures all of your private data and defends you against online identity, credit card, and password theft, as well as account hijacking.

- Largest VPN network
- Improves online security
- Charges devices
- On all of your devices
- No installation needed
Read more about Keezel VPN Technology here: https://www.keezel.co/


2. Aido home robot

snip20160122_5-crop-u5170Source: Aido 

Aido is your multi-purpose home robot who will cater for your entertainment needs as well as be your friend, teacher, homemaker, and personal handyman. Aido is equipped with an open platform on which it can learn new skills and grow his applications. With a super mobile ballbot design, dual battery technology, voice controls and Android-Linux architecture, it is the smartest home robot on the market.
Learn more here: http://www.aidorobot.com/


3. EzeeCube video and photo storage TV box

Basic RGB

Source: EzeeCube

In a world of endless digital content, online and offline, it is hard to keep your personal content organised and safe. EzeeCube storage TV box is your all-in-one content aggregation solution. You can connect all of your smart devices and automatically back up and organise all of your favourite memories and media content. Enjoy them straight from your TV or share them with your friends.

-Collects and organises your content
- Wireless and easy one time set up
- Ultra secure personal cloud, no subscription
- No limit to the storage
To find out more see here: http://www.ezeecube.tv/


4. Playdate

Worried about your pet when they are home alone? The PlayDate is the worlds first pet camera smart ball! The smart ball allows you to see and play with your pet from anywhere in the world, connecting from your smart phone over the internet. With a built in camera you can see your pets and with control of the ball remotely with your smartphone app.

Like the sound of PlayDate? Read more here: http://www.startplaydate.com/


5. Xperia X Performance

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.24.56
Source: Sony Mobile

Part of the new Sony Xperia range launched this year, the X Performance is the flagship Xperia device sitting pretty at the top of the 3 model range.

Glancing at the spec for this model it seems very impressive, and as usual Sony have concentrated on the camera, sound and display, along with the development of their interface and general performance to give the user an enjoyable and seamless experience.

The camera has been engineered to be the selling point with they claim to be their ‘smartest and fastest yet’ with their new built in technology ‘Predictive Hybrid Autofocus’. The camera itself is 23MP and with this built in technology apparently you can capture an image in 0.6 seconds from the phone being in standby mode… They have also put a 13MP low-light selfie cam on the front so you achieve ‘sharper selfies’.

The performance of the phone is also up there to compete with the very best with the ‘blazing-fast’ Snapdragon 820 processor which will not interrupt your entertainment needs, whether gaming or streaming you favourite show.

TEC2112 XPeria X Performance Twitter 1024x512

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