4 Ways to Not Break your iPhone 7

So you finally got your hands on the amazing new iPhone 7, but unfortunately, you are notorious for having fumbley fingers and dropping your device, kind of like this guy...

We are here to help you rise above that reputation and keep your iPhone 7 fully in tact.

A recent survey conducted by tech21 revealed that the 4 most common ways to break your phone for 18-34 year olds are as follows;

  1. Out partying
  2. Thrown in anger
  3.  A swim in a toilet
  4. By your partner

We've come up with 4 ways to combat each one of these tragedies, so let's dive in.

1. Choose your Pockets Wisely

While at a party or social function, whether you're drinking or not there's always a chance things can get rowdy, so most people put their phones in their pockets. But which pocket is the safest? Your shirt pocket seems logical until you lean over and dump your iPhone into the drink. And the back pocket of your jeans is fine, until you sit down.

Get into the habit of putting your iPhone in a zippered pocket of your purse, backpack or briefcase so it is out of harms way.

2. Get a Solid Case

When you read that text that is irritating as all hell it's hard to resist the urge to chuck your phone across the room envisioning it is in fact the person who sent you that ridiculous message that was such a waste of your precious time. We first advise you to stop, breathe, and do not throw the phone, however if your temper is high and that's out of the question then definitely get yourself a tech21 case.

The Evo Tactical Extreme Edition is our toughest case for the iPhone 7, protecting your device from drops up to 4 meters/13 feet! This case can definitely handle your rage.

3. Don't Text on the Toilet

They say don't text and drive because it takes focus off of any activity you are doing and makes you more accident prone. Well, the same goes for when on the toilet. It's hard to take our eyes off of our phone screens even for a second, but if you don't want your shiny new iPhone 7 going for a swim in the toilet, then don't text on the toilet.

What if the phone slips? What if it drops? The safety net underneath you is, well, obsolete. So keep the texting at bay while doing your business.

4. Don't Share your Phone with your Partner

The fourth most common way to break your phone is by entrusting it with your partner. Sure, I know you love and trust him/her, but that's with your heart not the dazzling iPhone 7. 17% of people say their partners have damaged their phones.

When it comes to trust and iPhones, tech21 is your go-to. Check out our protective cases for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus 

As for Jack? Don't feel too badly about that, he had his redemption...