4 Gadgets to Help You Survive Burning Man with Your Smartphone

Burning Man
Burners from all over the globe are frantically getting ready for one long, hot, dusty, dry, magically wonderful week in the desert as it quickly approaches. That’s right, Burning Man festival is just around the corner and we want all burners to make the most out their experiences and bring the memories home with them.

That means taking pictures and videos that you can share with everyone. But bringing a smartphone to the Burn can be a risky and daunting thing to do for a couple of different reasons.

Let this be your guide to getting through Burning Man with your smartphone.

  1. Evo Tactical XT

SONY DSCImage by Flickr.com

Playa dust at Burning Man is dried, packed, and ground up alkali lake bed dust that is littered all over Black Rock City. When this thick white sand-like substance gets into your phone, it is about as good as gone.


The Evo Tactical XT is our most protective case for the iPhone 6 and 6s. Designed to withstand dust, sand, dirt and drops, you could argue the Tactical XT was created for rugged environments like Black Rock City. If you want your iPhone to survive the nastily unforgiving playa dust you need a tough case for the iPhone.

Hey playa dust, you have met your match with the Tactical XT.


  1. VSCO Cam

BMImage by Flickr.com

From the incredible art structures to the camera-worthy costumes, Burning Man is a place where you can get some amazing photographs. If you are taking the “iPhonegraphy” route, we suggest shooting with the VSCO Cam over the iOS camera app. The VSCO Cam app has separate Focus and Exposure Rings, as well as the White Balance Lock to optimize the look of your pictures. And the best part is, this app won’t cost you a penny.

  1. Flashlight

Light and direction in the dark can be a luxury when getting from A to B at the Burn, and that’s just what this iOS app provides. Complete with a bright and easily accessible flashlight, a handy compass and SOS signal built-in so you can signal your friends. There’s also a brightness slider, and with the strobe-light feature, you’ll be ready to rave!

  1. XOO Belt

slide2_imgImage by XOO

The XOO Belt is a utility belt that allows you to easily carry your phone around with you without worrying about battery life. With a built in battery charger, you can venture out with just your phone and the clothes on your back, recharging on the move!

The Xoo belt houses a 1,300mAh lithium ceramic polymer flexible battery that's embedded into the leather. The buckle acts as an additional 800mAh battery, a ratchet to tighten the belt around your waist, and as a plug that you can connect your MicroUSB. There is also a set of five LED lights that indicate how much charge your phone has left.

Some say that bringing your phone to Burning Man means death to your device, but let these gadgets and apps help you make the most of your experience with your phone protected and by your side.