10 ways to give your phone a spring cleaning

10 ways to give your phone a spring cleaning | tech21 ●● ●™

The arrival of Spring is all about getting out with the old and in with the new. Junk can accumulate over the year and clutter up your home, office car, and especially your smartphone.

This year, let’s give our mobile devices a much-needed spring cleaning. Here are 10 ways to give your phone a spring cleaning!

1. Transfer Photos to iCloud

It is finally time to move those photos over from 2012 from your camera roll to your iCloud. They don’t need to be there anymore. This way, you’ll be completely ready to dive into summer with plenty of storage for new vacation photos!

Alternatively, you could consider Google’s alternative called Google Photos, same features, same great way of saving space on your device.

2. Downsize Social Networking Apps

If you’re like me, you keep around apps you once downloaded but don’t use. It’s time to say goodbye. By keeping around only the apps that you check regularly, your phone interface becomes cleaner, and a more functional space.

3. Arrange your Apps

Now that you’ve narrowed down your apps to only the ones that you find useful, take advantage of your smartphone’s folder option and arrange them into categories. Not only will this clear up space, but it will help you find the apps you need, faster.

4. Get Rid of “Speed Booster” Apps

If you are an Android user, get rid of any “performance-boosting” app you have installed. These apps collect hundreds of millions of downloads, but are almost all junk sucking up storage. These apps include task killers and RAM boosters that don’t actually speed up your phone.

Read why RAM Booster and Task Killers are bad for your Android.

5. Free Up Space

Every mobile device comes with a limited amount of storage space that is several gigabytes less than what was advertised when purchased. And most of these devices lose up to 8GB to the operating system and pre-installed apps.

So, it’s imperative to keep an eye on the space you do have available. You can start by going to Settings > Storage to see how your space is distributed between apps media and other files. Tap Apps, then Sort by size from the menu, and you can see how much space each app is taking up. This gives you a good indication of which apps are taking up most storage.

6. Factory Reset

If your phone has really slowed down or becoming buggy, the best option is a factory reset to clear out your device restoring it to the state it was when you first bought it (make sure you back everything up first).  

7. Clean Up Contacts

Take a look at your contacts and see if there’s numbers in there whom you haven’t contacted in literally years. Delete anyone you don’t remember or generally don’t need. Another handy trick to clean up your contacts is to merge multiple numbers from the same individual.

8. Declutter Your Inbox

Are you one of those smartphone users who’s inboxes are out of control? I’m talking like thousands of unread emails? Here’s a tip; unsubscribe from all of the newsletters and promotional emails you receive yet don’t need. Create your own digital filing system with a folder, so emails are moved to the appropriate category as they are read and unanswered.

9. Wallet Phone Case

Don’t just add some Spring cleaning to the inside of your device, declutter and refresh the outside! An iPhone wallet case will help you organize your ID, credit cards and cash while remaining extremely accessible while on the go.

The Evo Wallet not only protects your precious phone, it helps you organize your daily essentials. With two card slots concealed in Evo Wallet’s detachable cover, your cards are kept secure and easily accessible.

Evo GO allows you to be extremely inconspicuous about your prized possessions. With a secure magnetic closure, Evo Go gives you concealed storage for two cards. This keeps them easily accessible and hidden from prying eyes.

10. Clean Your Screen

Here’s a handy tip from WebMD on how to clean your screen, or case, without harming your device!