10 Reasons to Love Impact Snap

1. Slim-fitting Design

Our Impact Snap for MacBook cases feature a remarkably slim-fitting design, so you can enjoy intelligent impact protection, without adding any excess bulk.

2. Access to all Features

Enjoy access to all the original function of your MacBook with Impact Snap.

3. Semi-transparent design allows for the Apple logo to shine through

Observe the original beauty of your laptop

4. Available in a Range of Attractive Colours

Our Impact Snap range is available in Clear, Black, Pink and Purple.

5. Easy, Snap-On Assembly

Just snap on the 2 parts of your Impact Snap on to your MacBook and you’re ready to go.

6. Integrated with FlexShock

FlexShock is a specifically engineered hybrid energy absorbing

7. Light-Weight

The ultimate minimalistic, light-weight experience.

8. Soft-Touch Finish

Check out Impact Snap’s soft-touch finish for an executive look and feel.

9. Protects the back and sides of your laptop

Whether your relaxing at home, working at the office or travelling, Impact Snap provides advanced impact protection for the laptop you love.

10. Scientifically proven material

Impact Snap is created from a premium PC compound