Impact Shield with Self-Heal


Multilayer structute of Tech21 Impact Shield containing BASF technology

The world’s most advanced screen protector is here. Using our expertise in impact protection we have created an advanced multi-layer structure which reduces the force of impact by up to 8O%. With perfect optical clarity and an easy, glue and bubble free application, the Impact Shield is testimony to the passion and creativity that ignites everything we do at Tech21. 


Our passion and dedication has led to us to turn impact protection in to a science. That’s why our Impact Shield is only manufactured with high performing, scientifically proven materials. A hard top layer spreads the force of impact over a wider area. The second layer, BulletShield™, features the BASF polymer also found in bulletproof glass, which absorbs and dissipates the force. Our Impact Shield dampens the energy of impact with a third soft layer which slows down and further absorbs the impact.

As if that wasn’t enough, our pioneering thinking led us to add a self-healing anti-scratch surface created with reflowing polymer and materials selected for their perfect optical clarity making the Impact Shield™ the world’s most intelligent screen protector yet. 

Impact Shield

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