Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Protector - Impact Shield

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Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S4 - Impact Shield with Self-Heal

Our Impact Shield screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy S4 contains an advanced multi-layer system. A hard top layer spreads the impact over a wider surface area whilst a second layer, Bulletshield featuring BASF polymer found in bullet proof glass, absorbs and dissipates impact. A final third soft layer dampens force and further absorbs impact protecting your screen with the most intelligent impact protection yet. An advanced self-healing anti-scratch layer created with reflowing polymer completes the world’s most advanced screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S4 with easy, bubble-free application.

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  • Advanced protection with multi-layer system
  • Easy bubble and glue-free application
  • Self-heal Anti-scratch layer created with reflowing polymer
  • Perfect optical clarity and non-UV yellowing
  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy S4
    Weight: 3g

    Height: 132mm
    Width: 66mm
    Depth: 0mm

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    Intelligent Screen Protection


    1. Which parts of my device does the Impact Shield with Self-Heal protect?

    Our Impact Shield with Self-Heal protects the screen of your device with premium impact protection.

    2. Does the Impact Shield with Self-Heal allow for access to all features of my device?

    Yes, our Impact Shield allows for access to all functions of your device, including the iPhone 5s's finger print sensor. 

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